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FFAA is an association of like-minded individuals and guilds from, but not limited to, Alberta and the Edmonton area.


Membership fees are based on a one-year, non pro-rated term and will be the same regardless of when application for

membership is made during the year. Annual membership fees are $15 for Individual members and $10 for Junior members.


Applications for membership received in December 2023 will come into effect when payment is received and will be valid

until December 31, 2024.

There are three types of membership: individual, junior, and group.

Individual Membership

Any person 18 years or older may become a member by application and upon payment of the annual membership fee of $15. Membership will be from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. Individual members have voting privileges in FFAA.

Group Membership

Group members (aka Member Guilds) have voting privileges in FFAA. Members of the following guilds are automatically members of FFAA:

  • Alberta Council of the Ukrainian Arts

  • Black Gold Quilt Patch Guild

  • Edmonton & District Quilters’ Guild

  • Edmonton Modern Quilters Guild

  • Edmonton Needlecraft Guild

  • Edmonton Rug Hooking Guild

  • Edmonton Weavers’ Guild

  • Latchet Machine Knitting Club

  • Sheep Creek Weaver's Guild and Fibre Artists

Junior Memberhip

Any person under the age of 18 years may become a member by application and upon payment of the annual membership fee of $10.00 Membership will be from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024. Junior members do not have voting privileges in FFAA.

Membership Benefits


  • Access to a wide variety of FFAA fibre art workshops with preferred fees

  • Access to the FFA Studio for fibre art activities

  • Advance notification of FFAA events as well as other FFAA member guild events

  • Voting privileges at our annual general meeting

  • Eligibility to serve on the FFAA board of directors

  • Opportunities to show your work at FFAA biennial exhibitions. These competitions/exhibitions are judged (optional) and feedback is provided to entrants; competitions/exhibitions are open to all.

Networking & Building a Fibre Art Community – Volunteer


Opportunities for networking with other fibre artists include assisting at workshops, installing an exhibition, promoting FFAA, participating on committees and/or the board, teaching a workshop, and other activities. Sign up to volunteer on event webpages or contact us for more information. Sign up for the FFAA Mailing List.


Volunteer Hours Submission Form


FFAA records the number of hours that volunteers contribute to our association as part of our local grant applications. We ask that you record all hours spent on behalf of FFAA for this purpose using the FFAA volunteer hours submission form. Do not include hours attending your guild or group meetings unless you spend time promoting FFAA at such an event. Examples of eligible hours include:

  • Local events, i.e., Creativ Festival held in September each year

  • Demonstrations to the public at local festivals or events, i.e., farmers’ markets, art walks, art and craft expos. Remember to include travel time

  • Attendance at FFAA-sponsored meetings, general meetings, board meetings, AGMs, preparing reports, or other committee work on behalf of FFAA

Members Only – Password Protected Area


The password-protected members-only area is where members can find links to our bylaws, meeting agendas and minutes, policies and procedures, and sign up to volunteer at exhibitions, as well as promotional and demonstration events.

The members-only area can be accessed with the password available from the guild representatives on the FFAA board of directors. Ask at your guild for the name of the current representative. Individual members can contact the FFAA membership chairperson for a password.

© 2022 Focus on Fibre Arts Association

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