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On this page, you will find reports to members as well as links to our Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, Policies, and other member-related documents.

Request the Link for the Next Virtual Board Meeting

The link for each FFAA Board meeting is sent via email to the Board members. FFAA members are invited to attend Board meetings as observers. Please contact: for information or to request the link so you may attend: meetings are usually from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Submit Your Volunteer Hours

FFAA records the number of hours that volunteers contribute to our association as part of our local grant applications. We ask that you record all hours spent on behalf of FFAA for this purpose using the FFAA Volunteer Hours Submission Form.


Examples of eligible hours are:

  • Local events, ie CreativFestival, held in September of each year.

  • Demonstrations to the public at local festivals or events, ie Farmer’s Markets, Art Walks, etc. Remember to include travel time

  • Attending FFAA sponsored meetings, General Meetings, Board Meetings, AGM, Committee meetings, preparing reports or other committee work on behalf of FFAA

Do not include hours attending your guild or group meetings, unless you spend time promoting FFAA at such an event.

Use the FFAA Cheque Requisition Form to Get Reimbursed

When you require reimbursement for expenses related to FFAA activities, download and complete the FFAA Cheque Requisition Form 0421 and submit it with receipts. Please scan and email the completed documents to:

AGLC Information Sessions for Casino Volunteers

AGLC offers Gaming Information for Charitable Groups (GAIN) information sessions about gaming licenses and how to spend gaming funds. Sessions are free and can be taken two ways: online or in person. The schedule for the Combined session (Use of Proceeds and Casino Operations) is now available online. You must register to attend an in-class GAIN session; the FFAA registration number is 61447. Note that session times may have been postponed due to COVID-19 health precautions.

Bylaws and Policy Manual

Bylaws (registered 2021)
 Draft 2021 Policy and Procedure manual

2022 Board, General and AGM Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes February 13, 2022 AGM Draft Minutes (PDF)

2 of 4 2023-01-16, 5:22 a.m.


February 13, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes March 20, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes April 24, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes September 19, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

2021 Board, General and AGM Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes February 21, 2021 AGM Minutes (PDF) February 21, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes March 21, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes April 18, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes
May 16, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2021 General Meeting Minutes
July 25, 2021 General Meeting Minutes September 19, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes October 17, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes November 28, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

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